Our Mission Statement

Become Canada’s elite process serving company by providing extraordinary legal services in a professional and efficient manner..


Being committed to the highest service standards


Being fair and candid in dealing with others


Being considerate for self, others and the environment

Client Concierge Responsibility

 Is your dedicated point of contact with respect to any inquiries, concerns or special requests. Additionally, they conduct regular monitoring of all cases to ensure essential details are completed and accurate.

Member Concierge Responsibility

 Is responsible for the needs of all process servers and ensures our Service Standards are adhered to and services are performed in accordance with the Rules of Civil Procedure.

Process Servers Responsibility

– We retain the services of experienced independent local process servers within each court jurisdiction to perform legal document services in accordance with our Service Standards and Rules of Civil Procedures.

Our Philosophy: Simple Is Better

We use today’s technology to simplify the legal document process, from requesting, monitoring, and organizing legal services, effortlessly. In fact, we developed our own; ValetServe™, our innovative and exclusive web-based program that makes it easier, faster and more efficient than ever to request all of your legal document services..


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