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Service of Process (also known as Process Serving) is the procedure of providing legal notice to an individual or business, which if not done correctly may delay your case.

All or a portion of the service fees paid to a third party provider such as Liaison Process Serving may be added to your existing claim against the other party.

Ordering Instructions: 

In order to process your order, please complete the fields below. Items with an asterisk is required.

Last Day of Service (Only for time sensitive service)

This is optional. For time sensitive services, enter the date service MUST be completed by. Please select the appropriate Level of Service (Routine, Rush or Same Day) when entering a date.

Court Designation

Originating Court Location

From the drop down menu list, select the court location where documents have been issued or filed. If the court location is not listed, enter the location in the Special Instructions / Comments area.

Court File Number (If Applicable)

Documents * 

Enter the name of EACH document to be Served, Issued, Filed or Searched. Separate each document name with a comma.

Document Delivery Method * 

Select the method documents for service will be forwarded to our assigned process server.

**Pick Up options are ONLY available to business locations and requested services MUST be in the same city/town.
For example, if your office is in Toronto, the service you are requesting must also be in Toronto.

Number of Pages (When Uploading Documents ONLY) (+$0.35)

If you have selected to upload documents to us for serving, indicate the number of pages each document contains.
*Process Serving: Each party must have a separate set of documents. If your document contains 10 pages and there are two parties to server, enter 20 pages as your quantity.
**Issue/File: In addition to the court copy, if you require a copy for your records and/or for any other party, ensure you account for the additional copies.

Upload Documents (If Applicable)

If you selected to upload your service documents, you may do so here in any format (Subject to Photocopy fees).

(max file size 32 MB)

Level of Service * 

Plaintiff / Applicant Name(s) * 

Enter the Plaintiff’s or Applicant’s names EXCTLY as they appear on the legal document(s). Separate each names with a comma. This information is used to populate other forms such as Affidavits and/or Certificate of Service.

Defendant(s) / Respondent(s) Name * 

Enter the Defendant’s or Respondent’s names EXCTLY as they appear on the legal document(s). Separate each names with a comma. This information is used to populate other forms such as Affidavits and/or Certificate of Service.

Number of Additional Parties to Serve (+$50.00)

If there is only ONE party to serve ENTER 0. If there is more than one party to serve, enter the number of ADDITIONAL parties to be served. For logistical purposes, all additional parties to be served MUST be at the same service address; otherwise, a separate Process Serving order must be created for each party not residing at the same address.

Name of Party(ies) to be Served * 

Enter the name(s) of EACH party to be served, exactly as show on the service document. Separate each name with a comma. This information is used to pre-populate Affidavits and Certificates of Service.

Service Jurisdiction * 

Select the city where service is to be performed or for Issue, File or Litigation Search jobs, where the court is located. If the city you are looking for in not on the list, this may mean we don’t service that area. Select the closest city and will will advise you if we can action your request. Cities identified with “KM” are subject mileage fees (One Way Only) for each service attempt. A separate invoice will be sent to you

Service Address * 

Enter the complete service address: Street #, Name, Unit/Apt (If applicable), City, Province and Postal Code.

Type of Address * 

Select the address type (If known). This will assist our process servers to determine the best time for service.

Telephone Number (If Known)

Special Instructions or Comments (If Any)

Special instructions or comments may include helpful details such as: description of the party to be served, best times to serve, vehicle information, whether the party may be violent or evasive, etc.

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Serving over 80 cities. Up to 3 service attempts at the same address. Affidavit of Service or Affidavit of Attempt included at no extra charge.

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