All process server vendors agree to provide process serving and court services, as identified in Section 1.2 of the Services Agreement, pursuant to the Courts of Justice Act and in accordance to the Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules of the Small Claims Court, and any other provincial or state provisions and regulations.


The process server member agrees to provide the services, as identified in section 1.2, in accordance with the terms and conditions herein.

2.2  Timely Service

2.2.1.  Routine Service: The Member shall perform a minimum of one (1) service attempt within four (4) days from the date the Member receives the documents for service. For service of process, attempts two (2) and three (3) shall be completed within fourteen (14) days from the date the Member receives the documents for service.

2.2.2.  Rush Service:  The Member shall perform a minimum of two (2) service attempts within forty-eight (48) hours from the date the Member receives the   documents for service.

2.2.3.  Same Day Service: The Member shall perform forthwith a minimum of one (1) service attempt up to a maximum of three (3) service attempts, unless otherwise requested by Liaison or its clients.

2.3.  Service Updates 

2.3.1.  The Member agrees to provide Liaison and its clients, real time status updates with the Services provided, as identified in section 1.2 of the Services Agreement, via the online Software Program provided by Liaison. In the event the Member may not provide real time status updates as result of not having a sufficient compatible portable electronic device, then the Member shall provide the required updates within twenty-four (24) hours from the date and time of the Services performed.

2.3.2.  For each service of process attempt made, the Member shall attempt to confirm or gather information on the whereabouts of the party to be served.

2.3.3.  For each service attempt, the Member shall record detailed information using the online Software Program.

2.3.4.  The Member shall record any authorized disbursements and expenses, as identified in Section 8 of the Services Agreement to perform the Services requested, as identified in section 1.2, using the Software Program in order to receive compensation.

2.4.   Return of Affidavits  and Original Service Documents

The Member shall, within two (2) business days of completion:

2.4.1.   Prepare the Affidavits/Proof of Service forms on the proper court form. Forms may be completed using the Software Program (recommended) or may be obtained from government offices or online in most provinces and states.

2.4.2.   Review to ensure the accuracy of the Affidavit/Proof of Service forms. This includes grammar, punctuation and cohesive sentence structure.

2.4.3.   Submit and upload completed Affidavits/Proof of Service forms to the Software Program.

2.4.4.   Forward sworn, affirmed or notarized Affidavits/Proof of Service forms, including any original documents to the requesting client, unless otherwise requested  by Liaison or the requesting client.

2.4.5.   For unsuccessful cases, the Member shall retain service documents for a maximum of fourteen (14) days from the last unsuccessful service attempt date, pending further service instructions from the requesting client OR until otherwise instructed by Liaison or its clients, whichever occurs first.

2.5.   Submit Statement of Account/Invoice

The Member shall, within four (4) days of completion:

2.5.1.  Enter all court disbursements and expenses incurred to perform the services requested.

2.5.2.  Enter a statement of account/invoice number using the Software Program. If one is not entered within the allotted time, the case number shall be used by default.

2.5.3.  Submit the Statement of Account/Invoice electronically to Liaison using the Software Program for the services performed and disbursements incurred.